Ondeanse Youtree Souvenir Shop

Directly connected to Hachinohe Station by a walkway, it is a convenient facility for shopping at the start of your trip to the Hachinohe area.
In addition to exhibits and demonstrations of local products from the Hachinohe area and traditional crafts and souvenirs for sale, the facility also offers hands-on activities such as making Nanbu Senbei (rice crackers), Nanbu Hishisashi (embroidery), and Nanbu Sakiori (weaving).
• Nanbu Hishisashi is an embroidery technique from the southern part of Aomori Prefecture that is said to have originated in the Edo period and is one of the three major traditional arts and crafts of Aomori.
• Nanbu Sakiori is a weaving technique developed in the Edo period to recycle worn kimonos and cloth.
With restaurants and lodging facilities, it serves to connect tourists visiting Hachinohe with the local community.

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