National Historic Site Sannohe Castle Ruins, Joyama Park

Sannohe Castle Ruins were designated as a National Historic Site on March 15th, 2022.
The area has now been developed into a park.
Sannohe Castle was constructed by Sannohe Nanbu during the Sengoku Period (around the mid 16th century), with much of the ruins of the stone walls (the only other stone walls that remain in Aomori Prefecture are those at Hirosaki Castle), the moat, and the earthworks remaining, reminding visitors of bygone years.
In spring, the area is famous as the number-one spot in southern Aomori Prefecture for viewing somei-yoshino, double cherry blossom, and cerasus itosakura 'plena-rosea' miyoshi types of cherry blossoms, in addition to cerasus serrulata ‘gioiko’ flowers, which are characterized by their yellow color.