The Sea of Oiso! Enjoy the Optimal Location!

"OISO CONNECT" (officially known as Oiso Port Lively Communication Facility) is a newly established recommended tourist spot in Oiso Town, established in 2021 (Reiwa 3).

Visitors can enjoy the beautiful views of the sea in Oiso, restaurants and cafes that use fresh ingredients sourced locally, a direct sales outlet selling local specialties such as "fresh fish" caught in Oiso Port and locally harvested morning vegetables, and so on.

It is also easily accessible and is a popular spot that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, including families, couples, and friends. Please pay attention to the signs inside the facility that guide you in a manner befitting the Minato area.

From the restaurant and terrace, you can enjoy the optimal location that offers views of Oiso Kitahama coast and even as far as Enoshima in the distance.
You can enjoy a meal made with local ingredients in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, away from the daily routine.
The nearby "Oiso Beach" is also a recommended place to visit for a swim in the summer.

※"OISO CONNECT" is a facility that forms the core of "Minato Oasis Oiso" registered in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "Minato Oasis" area.

Fresh Ingredients Unique to Oiso, Delicious Beyond Measure!

At the "OISO CONNECT Shop & Snack Area," fresh fish caught in Oiso Port and locally harvested morning vegetables, as well as processed and specialty products produced in Oiso Town, are sold.

Fish caught in Oiso include many blue fish such as Tachiuo, Aojaji, Kanpachi, Chidai, Isaki, Soudagatsuo, Maaji, and Sappa.
Daily arrival information is rapidly posted on SNS (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook).
Processing and cooking services are available, and you can request all pre-processing, such as "two-piece deboning," "three-piece deboning," and "entrails processing," for free.

A variety of seasonal vegetables are also sold, with cucumbers, onions, red onions, and Makomotake being the main crops of Oiso. In particular, Makomotake was certified as the Kanagawa brand by the Oiso Makomo Research Institute in Reiwa 2.
It has a crispy texture and is a versatile ingredient for dishes such as stir-fry, fried food, and salad, both Japanese and Western.

At the restaurant "OISO CONNECT CAFE grill and pancake," you can enjoy chef original creations made with local ingredients, with the comfortable sea in front of you, and experience the "flavor of Oiso" that is focused on Oiso ingredients.

Menu That Can Only Be Enjoyed Here, Absolutely Delicious!

At the snack corner, you can eat OISO CONNECT original products.

"OISO CONNECT Curry Bread"
A popular original curry bread that is made by kneading in flakes of fish caught in Oiso Port, carefully simmering the curry, and then filling it generously in the dough and frying it crisp.

"Fish Burger"
A highly recommended burger that is made by frying local fish and placing it on a sandwich with plenty of tartar sauce.
You will become addicted to the crispy texture of the local fish and the fluffy texture of the buns!

"The Original Soft Cream"
The Original Soft Cream comes in two flavors, a refreshing Shonan orange flavor with a clear taste, and a rich milk flavor.
You can also recommend having a half-and-half if you want to try both flavors.
You can choose between a cone or a cup, so please choose the one that you prefer.

Facility information

【1F Shop & Snack Area】

Opening Hours
[1F Shop & Snack Area】
9:00 - 17:00

9:00 - 18:00 (Last Order 17:00)
【1F Shop & Snack Area】
Every Wednesday

Please contact the store
1398-6 Oiso, Nakagun Oisomachi, Kanagawa
【By car】
[From Tokyo] Via Ebina JCT of Tomei Expressway and Ken-O Expressway from Chigasaki Kaigan IC of National Road 134, about 12 minutes (about 6.6km)
[From Nagoya] About 10 minutes (about 6km) from Oiso IC of Odawara Atsugi Road

【By train】
About 5 minutes (about 1km) by taxi from JR Tokaido Main Line Oiso Station
Depends on the product and service
Please use the nearby "Oiso Port Parking Lot No. 2 (Fee required)".

※Fee / 310 yen per hour for regular cars, 630 yen per hour for large cars
※Capacity / 239 vehicles, 3 vehicles for the disabled.