Hanaore Road

A long time ago near Furuebashi in Ikeda City coming from the direction of Osaka, the road split into the Yono-kaido Road on the right and the Nose-kaido Road on the left.
The Nose-kaido Road started from around Ichinotorii and ran through Yoshikawa and Kurokawa.
Although the part of the road which ran through Hanaore Pass (which today is around Kofudai 4-chome) used to be called the Hanaore Road, today the part of the road in Yoshikawa Village is called the Hanaore Road in recollection of the past.
If you turn left while traveling this road you'll enter a historic mountain path that leads to Yoshikawa Hachiman Shrine, the site of Yoshikawa Castle, and Kodaiji Temple.
But if you go straight ahead without turning you'll continue on to the cable lift and hiking trail leading to Nose Myoken Temple.
If you go in the opposite direction from the front of Myoken-Guchi Station on the Nose Electric Railway, you'll reach the Hatsutani Valley where you can enjoy playing in the river.
It's a bustling road.

Feel free to stop by the Tourist Information Center in front of the station to learn more about sightseeing in Toyono.