Yoshikawa: Historic Mountain Path—Kodaiji Temple, Site of Yoshikawa Castle, Yoshikawa Hachiman Shrine

The historic mountain path trail (4.2km, about one hour 40 minutes) is very popular. It starts from Myoken-Guchi Station and goes around the Hanaore Road, Yoshikawa Hachiman Shrine, the site of Yoshikawa Castle, and Kodaiji Temple (you can also do the trail in reverse).
However, there is a difference in elevation of about 280m between Myoken-Guchi Station and Kodaiji Temple and there are also many ups and downs, so be sure to wear hiking shoes.
There's a legend that the famous monk Kukai had a thatched hut at Kodaiji Temple.
After that, there are the accounts of how Minamoto no Mitsunaka erected Kodaiji Temple in 960 to mourn the death of Minamoto no Tsunemoto (who was called Rokusonno as a child to show he was a grandson of the emperor), and how Minamoto no Yorinaka restored Kodaiji Temple in 1069.
It's said that Yorinaka established the Hachiman Shrine around the same time.

Yoshikawa Castle (also called Nagatana Castle) was constructed in 1492 as a guardhouse for the Yoshikawa Clan, but it was destroyed by the Shiokawa Clan in 1573 during the Warring States Period.