Maki: Toyono Cosmos-no-Sato and Autumn Stroll

About one hectare in the park is covered with one million cosmos flowers blooming all over, and the feeling of being completely surrounded by brightly-colored cosmos flowers almost as tall as an adult is amazing.
It's a very popular spot.

For those who want to enjoy a stroll on foot, there's also a returning trail that goes through: Yusenji Temple, Nomaguchi, Cosmos Park, Dasai Shrine, the shrine entry path and Nipponsugi Village, Baiso-in Temple, National Route 423, Yamaguchi Natto Restaurant, the Thirteen Buddhas of Yono, and Yono.
You can fully savor the autumn air.
It's a trail you can enjoy year-round, even during the seasons Cosmos-no-sato is closed.
Please enjoy the stroll at a leisurely pace—about two hours and ten minutes for the approximately 8km circuit.