Behind the scenes, the shrine supported the great undertaking that was the space probe Hayabusa

Chuka Jinja Shrine is adjacent to the local Chuka Elementary School.
Since ancient times, the deity that dwells in this shrine has been worshipped as a guardian deity of horses and cattle and has also been worshipped as a charm against evil spirits, protection against misfortune, and a god of safe trips.
Cedar trees over 400 years old stand on the grounds of the shrine and create a sacred atmosphere.
Also, before the space probe Hayabusa returned to Earth, interested parties went to worship at Chuka Shrine, and after that, the space probe returned home safely. They say that was because Chuka Shrine was linked by fate to the Hayabusa.
"Chuka" in Chuka Shrine is written with the same kanji characters as "chuwa" in chuwaki (a neutralizer), the only part of the Hayabusa's engine that had operated normally.