A cherry tree named after Emperor Go-Daigo

The Daigo Cherry Tree is the hugest tree in the prefecture, and it was selected for inclusion in the Top 100 Old Trees of Historical Interest in Japan.
Legend has it that in 1332 (the 2nd year of the Genko era), Emperor Go-Daigo admired this cherry tree, so it was named after him.
The tree has an overwhelming size: its base has a height of 7.1m and a circumference of 9.2m, its tree spread in all directions is 20m, and its height is 18m. It is said to be between 700 and 1,000 years old.
Every year, many cherry blossom viewers come to enjoy this beautiful cherry tree, so its surroundings turn into a lively event area.
Also, the site of the Daigo Cherry Tree is known as a filming location for the long-running NHK TV series MUSASHI. The scene where Musashi waits under a cherry tree for his mother was filmed here.