The Starting Point of Railways in Shikoku

Tadotsu Town is known as the birthplace of railways in Shikoku.
The railway history here began on May 23, 1889, when the Sanuki Railway Company started operations between Marugame and Kotohira (16.4 km) with Tadotsu as the starting point. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Shikoku's railway origins, JR Shikoku has established and preserved the driving wheels of the Class 8620 steam locomotive, which ran through Shikoku's mountains and fields from around 1935 to 1970, at the current JR Tadotsu Station.
Additionally, a Class 8620 steam locomotive is displayed on the north side of the Tadotsu Station building.
Basic Information on the Driving Wheels of Class 8620 Steam Locomotive and Class 8620 Steam Locomotive (Hachiroku)