Harmony of cherry blossoms and castles

Kijo Park, a symbol of Tsuchiura, is the site of Tsuchiura Castle built during the Muromachi period.
The park has been developed on the remains of the Honmaru (Heart of the Castle) and Ninomaru (Guard of the Honmaru) of Tsuchiura Castle.
Its name comes from the nickname "Kijo" (Turtle Castle) derived from the resemblance of the castle walls floating on the water to a turtle.
The Yaguramon is the only ruins of castle rampart architecture in the Kanto region. Inside the park, there are open grassy areas and playground equipment like swings, making it a beloved recreational spot for citizens.

It's also renowned as a cherry blossom spot, with around 50 Somei Yoshino cherry trees in the park. The best viewing period is usually from late March to early April.
The harmony between the cherry blossoms, turrets, and moat is exceptionally beautiful, making it a popular cherry blossom viewing spot during the Tsuchiura Sakura Festival.