Renovated Warehouse: Tsuchiura's Vibrant Tourism Hub

Nakajo Street in Tsuchiura City is located at the foot of Tsuchiura Castle and has flourished as a commercial center since the Edo period.
Given its history as an inn town along the former Mito-kaido Road, Tsuchiura still boasts numerous buildings with an Edo-era atmosphere, preserving a historical townscape.
Located at the heart of it all, the Tsuchiura Machikado Kura "Daitoku" serves as a cornerstone of tourism in Tsuchiura, also functioning as an antenna shop for exploring the town.
Within the renovated buildings of a kimono shop constructed in the late Edo period—namely, the Misegura, Sodegura, Motokura, and Mukura—there are tourist information centers and souvenir shops. Additionally, there is an exhibition museum where visitors can experience the lifestyle of old Tsuchiura through various displays.
They also offer rental bicycles, so if you're planning to explore the town of Tsuchiura, it's a great idea to start by visiting there.