Nagai Uminote Park “Soleil Hill”

You can enjoy seasonal flowers on the Soleil Hill, which extends to a headland commanding a view of Sagami Bay, Mt Fuji, and Shonan.
Families can enjoy all day: experience of harvesting seasonal vegetables, interacting with animals, and making & eating a bread/pizza.

Nakai Uminote Park Soleil Hill will be closed for about half a year due to construction work for its renewal opening in April 2023.

【Closure Period】
About half a year from Saturday, October 1st, 2022
- The entire park, including the campsite and hot bath facilities, cannot be used during the park closure period.
- The parking lot cannot be used during the closure period.
- The entire park is off-limits for entry during the closure period.

【Renewal Open】
Planned for April 2023