Yasaka Jinja Shrine

The shrine is the Sochinju (the center place to pray for local gods) of Hino-shuku. The present main building of the shrine was built in 1800.
With exquisite carvings embedded, it is designated as the cultural property of Hino City.
Listed on the plaque devoted in 1858 to the shrine to pray for the improvement of swordsmanship were the names of Isami Shimazaki (Isami Kondo) and Sojiro Okita (Soji Okita) as well as 23 swordsmen in Hino-shuku. (The devoted plaque is open to the public in the “Hino-Shinsengumi Festival” and the Annual Festival in September.)
In the Annual Festival in September, the largest portable shrines in Kanto region made in 1880 parade through the city streets.