Kayaking - SUP - Ice Walking

Lake Ogawara is rich in nature.
Beginners can try kayaking and SUP on the shallow lake.
In winter, try ice walking across the frozen lake surface, or even ice kayaking.
The cold with not bother you at all through the dry suit.
Visit and enjoy all of the unique activities Misawa has to offer.

* Reservations required

【Opening Hours】
9:00 - 17:00
 Kayaking / 1 hour
 Adults: ¥3,500 (high schoolers and above)
 Children: ¥2,000 (children from five years old to middle school age)
 Kayak tour / 2.5 hour
 Adults: ¥7,000
 Children: ¥3,500
 Adults: ¥4,000 (high schoolers and above)
 Children: ¥2,500 (older elementary school children and middle schoolers)
 Ice walking / 1 hour
 Ice kayaking / 1 hour