Privacy Policy

Mobile Smart Town Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "the foundation") considers the appropriate protection of personally identifiable information of users (hereinafter referred to as "the users") of "Guidoor" (hereinafter referred to as "the service") which the foundation provides on the Internet as an important social duty, and will obtain, use, deposit, or provide the users' personal information to a third party based on the following "Personal Information Handling Policy (Privacy Policy)." In order to use the service, you need to carefully read the following "Personal Information Handling Policy" and give your consent to the contents. In case you cannot agree, we will refuse your access and use to the service.

Article 1 [Definitions of Personal Information]

The foundation will handle information about a living individual, which can identify the specific individual by name, telephone number, e-mail address, address, or other description contained in such information, as personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Article 2 [Personal Information Management and Security]

The foundation will securely store the collected user information with the server in an environment where access of general users is prohibited, and strive to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure

Article 3 [Acquisition and Collection of Personal Information]

The foundation acquires the users' personal information in a legal and fair manner, not by falsity or other unfair means to the extent required for providing the service.
The following information is collected from the users.
[1] name (the furigana is included), [2] address, [3] telephone numbers (mobile phone and FAX are included), [4] e-mail address, [5] other contact information, [6] all other information which shop members provide to the foundation.
The submission of above-mentioned Personal Information is voluntary, but it is needed in the membership registration.
Therefore, in case you cannot submit it, please note that we may refuse your member registration.

Article 4 [Purpose of Use of Personal Information]

  1. 1. To contact the users by e-mail, etc. for informing of transaction status and important matters to have the users trade safely and certainly using the service.
  2. 2. To confirm registration of the service and provide the service
  3. 3. To solve troubles in the service management
  4. 4. For correspondence to the users' inquiries about the service and comfortable use of the service of other users
  5. 5. For the service improvement by analysis of usage situation of the service and other methods
  6. 6. To provide the users with information about the service by e-mail, etc.

Article 5 【Deposition and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties】

The foundation shall not deposit or provide customers’ personal information to a third party without obtaining prior consent from customers, except cases where consent has been obtained from shop members, etc., the deposition and provision of such information to a third party is allowed under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the deposition and provision thereof is stipulated by laws and regulations, and except for in cases described below.

  1. 1. Regarding the disclosure and share of the information when the foundation deems necessary for the provision of the service.
  2. 2. When necessary for the provision of the service.
  3. 3. When the foundation deems necessary for the operation of the service.
  4. 4. Deposition and provision of the information to affiliated companies, partners, and contractors
  5. 5. To process customer information, provide customers with information, and carry out the campaign and have a questionnaire, the foundation sometimes entrusts the whole or part of the business to a company that the foundation deems reliable and with which the foundation enters into a confidentiality agreement. In this case, the foundation may deposit and provide customers’ information to such a contracting company within the minimum extent necessary for conducting the business under the strict management of the foundation.
  6. 6. When making inquiries to credit card companies and other financial institutions.
  7. 7. When a customer uses the service, the foundation may make an inquiry to credit card companies or other financial institutions about a card number of credit cards or other payment cards and the customer’s name for price settlement, etc.
  8. 8. Provision of the information to a buyer in the case of business transfer.
  9. 9. The foundation may implement a merger or sell the business. In such cases, the foundation may provide customers’ information to a third party of the buyer on the condition that the third party complies with a policy equivalent to the foundation’s rules on the handling of customers’ information.
  10. 10. Provision of the information as prescribed by laws and regulations
  11. 11. When requested by courts, administrative bodies, supervisory agencies, and other public institutions to provide customers’ information, the foundation may provide it to them unless there is any reasonable reason to refuse to provide it.
  12. 12. Dispute settlement with a third party.
  13. 13. In cases where a customer causes trouble to a third party, if the foundation deems it necessary to disclose the customer’s information to solve such trouble, the foundation may provide the customer’s information.
  14. 14. When the foundation deems it necessary to disclose the information for protecting the rights and interests of customers of the service and third parties, the foundation may provide customers’ information.

Article 6 【Uses of Cookies】

The service may send a text file called “cookie” to the memory device inside users’ computers and store and use it. The advantage of the use of “cookie” is that, for example, customers can display contents of areas of particular interest to them. Customers can refuse to receive cookies on their own judgment by setting the computer such that the browser issues an alert before receiving “cookies.” In that case, however, customers may not use functions of the service or the service itself.

Article 7 【Correction of Customers’ Information by the Foundation】

Among registered customers’ information, when a change has been made to such information as may cause trouble when we charge customers, such as a name of municipalities, a postal code, a name of financial institutions, an expiration date of credit cards, etc., the foundation may change the registered customers’ information.

Article 8 【Notices and Disclaimers】

  1. 1. The foundation shall not be responsible for the protection of customers’ personal information, etc. on websites to which a link is included on the website of the service. Customers are advised to browse and use them after they check the contents of such websites carefully by themselves.
  2. 2. When deemed it necessary to protect data to protect customers’ personal information from unauthorized access, the foundation uses the industry-standard encryption system called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for data transfer.
  3. 3. When any SSL non-compliant browser is used for the registration, application, placement of order on the foundation’s website, or when e-mail or postal mail is used for the provision of customers’ personal information, there is an increased risk that such information will be browsed and stolen by a third party who is not under our control in the course of reaching us. Therefore, customers are advised to use such methods, assuming these risks. Even if customers or third parties suffer damage due to illegal acts by hackers, etc. despite our security measures, we shall not assume any responsibility for such damage to customers or third parties.
  4. 4. As to information for identification confirmation, customers are advised to strictly manage it by themselves so that it will not be lost or forgotten, or it will not be made known to a third party.

Article 9 【Access From Overseas】

Customers are advised to refrain from accessing our website from countries or regions where the use, management, operation methods, or the contents of the service are illegal or inappropriate.

Article 10 【Improvement of Privacy Policy】

The foundation makes efforts to improve its privacy policy where appropriate. Customers are advised to check the latest rules on the handling of customers’ information before accessing our website or using the service. When a customer has accessed our website or used the website of the foundation, the customer is deemed to have agreed to the latest contents of our privacy policy

Article 11 【Procedures for Disclosure/Correction/Discontinuance of Use, etc.】

  1. 1. Customers can confirm/correct the information that they provided in time of membership registration by logging in the service using their email address and password.
    For personal information that the foundation retains, we respond to the following disclosure applications by customers themselves or their representative in accordance with the law.
    1. 1) Notification of purpose of utilization of retained personal information (Article 24 of the Act)
    2. 2) Disclosure of retained personal information (Article 25 of the Act)
    3. 3) Correction/addition/deletion of retained personal information (Article 26 of the Act)
    4. 4) Discontinuance of use of /deletion of retained personal information or discontinuance of provision thereof to a third party (Article 27 of the Act)
      For more information, please check our website:
  2. 2. When a shop member posts something inappropriate or there is an important message, the foundation may send an e-mail to its e-mail address obtained as a shop member ID.
  3. 3. When personal information is voluntarily shown within the service (e.g., when an e-mail address is provided as shop member information), such information may be collected and used by other users. Although the foundation takes the greatest care to protect personal information, shop members need to send and disclose such information on their own responsibility.

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Privacy Policy: April 17, 2020

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April 17, 2020