Yokosuka Travel Guide

EVENT 2021.11.08

“MEGURU PROJECT” started. Come and discover new Yokosuka!

The “Route Museum” is a new way to enjoy Yokosuka.

The “MEGURU PROJECT” is a journey around Uraga, the place of the arrival of Perry*.

You will be able to visit the newly opened spots in a special way.

Come and discover new Yokosuka!

*On June 3, 1853, Matthew Perry and his four warships arrived off Uraga from the United States of America.

About the event details

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Saturday, 23 October 2021 to Sunday, 23 January 2022

*Please note that the dates will vary according to each project.

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1. “Yokosuka Shiokaze Liner”, a bus service from Yokosuka Station to Tomyodo-iriguchi

2. Special chartered train “Yokosuka Route Museum Mankitsu (fun) Tour Train”

3. Wrapping train “Yokosuka Route Museum”

4. “Uraga-Kaikoku Station Marche” at Uraga Station of the Keikyu Line

5. Renewal of Yokosuka Mankitsu (fun) Ticket

6. Keikyu railway line x Yokosuka Route Museum Exciting Stamp Rally

7. URAGA Kaikoku(open of country) Cruise

8. Guided tour of Uraga Brick Docks and Chiyogasaki Battery Site