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Yokosuka is a city located in the southeastern part of Kanagawa prefecture, facing Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay, surrounded by the sea on three sides, with a mild climate and rich nature. The taste of fresh ingredients such as seafood and blessings of the earth brought by this climate is absolutely indispensable when talking about Yokosuka.Yokosuka is also famous for the opening of the country where "Kurofune" appeared in the late Edo period, and one of its attractions is the international atmosphere created by its history and culture.
Please come and enjoy the diverse charm of Yokosuka, the local ingredients, the historical heritage, the different cultures that mix, the scenic scenery that you will never tire of seeing.


See & Do

Located about one hour from Tokyo, the area has a warm climate all year round. Cycling and marine sports can be enjoyed in a rich natural environment. There are famous spots for beautiful flowers across the city, and a variety of flowers please your eyes in each season. As for foods, not only fresh seafood and vegetable but also unique local food specific to multi-culture can be enjoyed. Enjoy meals only available in Yokosuka. Besides, it is possible to appreciate the arts, explore the history, relax in nature and by the sea, and enjoy your time in various ways. You are sure to find an experience that suits you best.


Plan your trip

In Yokosuka, everything nature, food, people is bright and open. So, you are sure to feel comfortable with the city soon. However, when you come to the city for the first time, you may be at a loss as to where to go. The basic information is provided here so that visitors can go where they want to go in Yokosuka. Various useful information, including access from major airports and recommended tour courses, is introduced. Enjoy your trip to Yokosuka without any worry.