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NEWS 2023.03.17

Local fishermen explain the attractions of Yokosuka's seafood! Enjoy the taste of the season!

EVENT 2023.03.08

F.Marinos Sports Park Open Commemorative Yokosuka-Kurihama Walk: Join Now!

NEWS 2023.02.28

Let’s indulge in delicious Japanese seafood in Yokosuka

EVENT 2023.02.06

Taura Plum Village - A Must-Visit Destination for Plum Blossom Lovers

NEWS 2023.01.31

Exploring Kamotsuru, a Hidden Gem Japanese Restaurant in Yokosuka

NEWS 2023.01.30

Discovering the Local Flavor of Japanese Strawberries in Yokosuka

NEWS 2023.01.20

Discovering Yokosuka City - A Guide for Winter Attractions

NEWS 2022.12.22

Sukajan Painter Hiromichi Yokochi on Creating Cool Clothes

NEWS 2022.12.22

Yokosuka - birthplace of the “Sukajan” | An interview with Mr Hiromichi Yokochi, a Sukajan painter.

EVENT 2022.12.13

The 3rd Yokosuka Keikyu Railway Walk: “Appreciate Yokosuka's history and traditions by enjoying the ...

NEWS 2022.12.06

The "Fly ANA Windsurfing World Cup in Yokosuka Miura Japan" was completed

EVENT 2022.11.16

The Tsukuihama Beach Clean-up event!! Following the All Japan Freestyle Tournament

EVENT 2022.11.07

Introduction to the competition | Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup

EVENT 2022.11.01

Fly! ANA Windsurfing World Cup YOKOSUKA MIURA Japan 2022

EVENT 2022.10.21

This is the fourth in a series of “Yokosuka Route Museum”

EVENT 2022.10.12

Sense Island Art Festival | “Island in the Dark” 2022

NEWS 2022.09.30


EVENT 2022.09.30

Shaun the Sheep Cycle Stamp Rally

EVENT 2022.09.26

Yokosuka Kaikoku Fireworks Festival and Friendship Day | Held for the first time in three years!!

NEWS 2022.08.31

Atagoyama Park - Park is the oldest in YOKOSUKA

NEWS 2022.08.26

Yokosuka is a fun place to fish?! - Fishing information -

EVENT 2022.08.25

Yokosuka Sunflower Festival 2022 in Soleil Hill | Come and play in the sunflower garden!!

EVENT 2022.08.10

Solve the mystery and get the item!! Mystery Solving Tour in YOKOSUKA

EVENT 2022.07.28

Various food trucks coming daily! Mobimaru in YOKOSUKA

NEWS 2022.07.22

YOKOSUKA Cherry Cheese Cake 🍰

NEWS 2022.07.19

Beautiful Japanese Flowers Guide in Yokosuka

NEWS 2022.07.08

Arasaki Park - Sightseeing in Yokosuka's Nature

EVENT 2022.06.23

Yokosuka City features the “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak” 🦖       

NEWS 2022.06.22


NEWS 2022.06.17

Yokosuka Route Museum 🚢

EVENT 2022.05.30

Iris Festival | Yokosuka Iris Garden

NEWS 2022.05.20

Yokosuka Cycling

EVENT 2022.05.13

Yokosuka Curry Festival 2022

EVENT 2022.05.09

Spring Rose Festival 2022

EVENT 2022.04.28

Yokosuka Shenmue Animation Commemoration Project

EVENT 2022.04.27

“Yokosuka Route Museum” Ekikara Hiking course

NEWS 2022.04.27

Kurihama Hananokuni Poppy Festival

NEWS 2022.04.21

Find the Sea-Nyan! A collaboration between Yokosuka and the TV animation “Slow loop”

NEWS 2022.03.09

Nanohana Flower Festival on Soleil Hill

EVENT 2022.03.08

A JR East - A hiking and walking event from the station A new way to enjoy Yokosuka - the "Yokosuka ...

EVENT 2021.12.08

A stamp collection rally is held on the route of the "Yokosuka Route Museum"

EVENT 2021.11.19

The 2nd Yokosuka Keikyu Line Walking guide “Uraga Seaside Walk, in the Land of the Rising Sun”

EVENT 2021.11.08

"MEGURU PROJECT" started. Come and discover new Yokosuka!

NEWS 2021.10.19

A field of about one million cosmos flowers can be seen until the end of October in Kurihama Flower ...

EVENT 2021.10.08

A JR East - Hiking and walking event starting from the station, A new way to enjoy Yokosuka, via the...

NEWS 2021.09.21

A collaboration between TV animation "Slow Loop" and YOKOSUKA is coming !

EVENT 2021.07.28

The 1st Yokosuka Keikyu Line Walking guide “Opening Celebration Walking Guide for Yokosuka Modern He...

EVENT 2021.07.14

Solve the mystery and find the treasure 〜 A Mystery Treasure Hunt Challenge from Sukarin, Hemiemon i...

NEWS 2021.06.09

Yokosuka Modern Heritage Museum Thibaudier Residence has opened on Saturday, May 29th!

EVENT 2021.06.09


NEWS 2021.06.07

Yokosuka Route Museum

NEWS 2020.12.13

Drive in Wonder Theater

EVENT 2020.12.13

Drive-in-theater 2020 meets KINTO

NEWS 2020.11.27


EVENT 2020.11.11

The Naval Port City Stamp Rally

EVENT 2020.08.19

Yokosuka Cycling

EVENT 2020.08.19

Yokosuka BBQ Spot

NEWS 2020.07.10

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Area guides

Yokosuka is a city located in the southeastern part of Kanagawa prefecture, facing Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay, surrounded by the sea on three sides, with a mild climate and rich nature. The taste of fresh ingredients such as seafood and blessings of the earth brought by this climate is absolutely indispensable when talking about Yokosuka.Yokosuka is also famous for the opening of the country where "Kurofune" appeared in the late Edo period, and one of its attractions is the international atmosphere created by its history and culture.
Please come and enjoy the diverse charm of Yokosuka, the local ingredients, the historical heritage, the different cultures that mix, the scenic scenery that you will never tire of seeing.


See & Do

Located about one hour from Tokyo, the area has a warm climate all year round. Cycling and marine sports can be enjoyed in a rich natural environment. There are famous spots for beautiful flowers across the city, and a variety of flowers please your eyes in each season. As for foods, not only fresh seafood and vegetable but also unique local food specific to multi-culture can be enjoyed. Enjoy meals only available in Yokosuka. Besides, it is possible to appreciate the arts, explore the history, relax in nature and by the sea, and enjoy your time in various ways. You are sure to find an experience that suits you best.


Plan your trip

In Yokosuka, everything nature, food, people is bright and open. So, you are sure to feel comfortable with the city soon. However, when you come to the city for the first time, you may be at a loss as to where to go. The basic information is provided here so that visitors can go where they want to go in Yokosuka. Various useful information, including access from major airports and recommended tour courses, is introduced. Enjoy your trip to Yokosuka without any worry.