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News 2023.07.24

Immerse in the World of Ryoji Arai: ‘new born’ Exhibition at Yokosuka Museum of Art

The ongoing exhibition “new born” by Ryoji Arai at the Yokosuka Museum of Art is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that opens new horizons in visual arts. This exhibition, a culmination of Arai’s unique perspective and expressive power, provides an excellent opportunity to delve deeply into the allure of art.

We will introduce the current state of Arai’s genre-defying expressions, which he has created with a sense of journeying daily, by interweaving picture book illustrations, new installations, paintings, sketches, and sculptures with trinkets from his private collection.

Date: July 1, 2023 (Saturday) – September 3, 2023 (Sunday)

Overview of Ryoji Arai “new born” Exhibition

The “new born” exhibition at the Yokosuka Museum of Art introduces Ryoji Arai’s creative activities through new installations and cherished pieces.

In addition to paintings, picture book illustrations, and illustrations, the exhibition presents Arai’s creative journey through new three-dimensional installations and a collection of beloved items.

This unique exhibition traces the trajectory of Ryoji Arai’s career, transforming the fear and uncertainty of venturing into unknown worlds into the joy of exploring new realms of creation.

Arai has wandered through many lands, but his journey is far from over.

This summer, immerse yourself in the world of the eternally “newborn” artist, Ryoji Arai, at the “new born” exhibition at the Yokosuka Museum of Art.

About the Artist: Ryoji Arai

Born in Yamagata Prefecture in 1956, Ryoji Arai has received high acclaim both domestically and internationally.

He has won numerous awards, including the JBBY Award for “Taiyou Organ,” the Sankei Children’s Publishing Culture Award for “Asa ni Natta no de Mado wo Akemasu yo,” and the Japan Picture Book Award for “Kyou wa Sora ni Marui Tsuki.” In 2005, he became the first Japanese to win the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

His activities extend to serving as the art director for the “Michi no Oku no Art Festival Yamagata Biennale” and creating the opening illustration for NHK’s serial TV novel “Jun to Ai.”

Ryoji Arai Official Site

The Unique Charm of Ryoji Arai’s Art in the “new born” Exhibition

Experience the Intricate Details of Picture Books and Original Illustrations

Ryoji Arai’s picture books and publications overflow with an indescribable charm, characterized by a rhythmic writing style and onomatopoeia that make you want to hum along, warm and vibrant colors, distinctive lines and shapes that seem drawable yet elusive, and a sense of illumination that lights up your heart after reading.

In this exhibition, we introduce the original artwork from over 100 picture books and publications.

Enjoy the discoveries unique to original illustrations without text, such as two balloons in blue and red, a person sticking out from a window, and small houses.

Venue Composition with New Paintings and Three-Dimensional Works

Back in 2010, Arai began a new activity to transcend himself, known as a picture book artist, by publishing his first collection of works, “meta” (Foil), which means “to cross over.”

Not only has he exhibited works in various places, he continues his creative journey beyond places and genres, such as serving as the art director for the “Art Festival Yamagata Biennale” and activities around Tohoku after the earthquake.

The exhibition, in addition to new paintings, communicates Arai’s current creative location using the entire exhibition room, reconfiguring three-dimensional objects from “Mountain Yona,” which was presented at the “Yamagata Biennale 2018,” and mock-ups of objects “Matteru Mon” and “Taiyo wo Suikomu Mon” installed in a park in Oita Prefecture.

Journeying New Installation

At the end of the exhibition, the new three-dimensional installation, “new born,” is unveiled.

Each child becomes a house, and the small houses scattered throughout the exhibition room each embark on a journey, each containing its own story.

As you slowly tour the venue, imagine the stories of the children that can be inferred from the form, while observing the materials of the house and the details of the bulbs and sketches.


Date2023 Sat July 1 – 2023 Sun September 3
Hours10:00 AM – 06:00 PM
ClosedMon. July 3, Mon. August 7
OrganizerYOKOSUKA MUSEUM OF ART / The Asahi Shimbun Company
CooperatorsKAISEI-SHA Publishing / Sekisui House, Ltd. / MIYAMOTO Takenori

Yokosuka Museum of Art Official Site: ‘new born’ Ryoji Arai

Admission (tax included)

Day ticket (Group of 20 persons or more) Adults: ¥1,300 (¥1,040)
University Students/High School students/Senior over 65: ¥1,100 (¥880)
Junior high school students and younger: Free

*Including the admission fee for Collection Gallery
*Entry is free for high school students residing in Yokosuka or students attending high school in Yokosuka.
*Free admission for persons with a disability pass and one accompanying caretaker.   

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