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News 2022.07.22

YOKOSUKA Cherry Cheese Cake 🍰

The Yokosuka Cherry Cheesecake is born

The US Navy Yokosuka base, home to some 20,000 Americans, has produced a popular American sweet as a gift to Japan, an authentic New York-style cheesecake.

The recipe was first offered on 18 November 2009.

It is made with a savoury graham cracker crust and much more cheese than typical Japanese New York cheesecake, giving it a rich, creamy flavour.

cherry blossom

A symbol of the friendship between Japan and the US, the Cherry Cheesecake is crowned with the emblematic cherry blossom.

Following the highly successful ‘Yokosuka Navy Burger,’ a new gourmet brand has been created.

Yokoska Cherry Cheesecake Features

| Key points for cheese cake.

Key points for cheese cake.

Believed to have its origins in New York, the main ingredient in this delicate cake is its cream cheese which determines the taste.

Each shop is particular about the cream cheese it uses.

| So simple it’s difficult!

So simple it's difficult!

Other than the cream cheese, we use as few ingredients as possible, resulting in a vibrant flavour compared to a typical cheesecake.

| Next, the baking.

Next, the baking

The New York approach uses hot water to slowly steam bake the cake at low temperature making it rich and creamy.

| Finally, the cherry topping.

Finally, the cherry topping

With a refreshing aftertaste, a cherry topping gives the perfect amount of sweetness.

The elaborate cherry topping is also slow-cooked until it just starts to thicken.

Try the Yokoska Cherry Cheesecake

Try the Yokoska Cherry Cheesecake
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