Kami-Ishiwara Wakamiya Hachiman-jinja Shrine

In the Edo period, this area was known as the Kamiishiwara village in the Tama district of Bushu.
The shrine, called the Wakamiya Hachiman, deifies Emperor Ojin and Emperor Nintoku and is well known as the local deity of Kamiishiwara village where Isami Kondo was born.
The relationship between the local deity and local parishioners was closer in the past, so it is thought that Isami Kondo also went to the shrine for visits and festivals.
The main shrine building is made of zelkova wood and the entire surface is decorated with engravings, giving it an elegant and graceful appearance.
In 1868, as Isami Kodo led the Koyo Chinbutai to Kofu Castle, it is said that when they arrived at Saikoji Temple and Kamiishiwara-shuku, he descended from his palanquin and worshiped in the direction of the Kamiishiwara Wakamiya Hachiman Jinja, praying for victory.