Konjo-in Temple (Yamaguchi Kannon)

Being said to have been founded by Kobodaishi, Konjo-in Temple is the temple of the Shingon sect.
In ancient times, when Kobodaishi passed this area, he noticed a strange light twinkling in the mountain.After wading through bushes, he found a Kannon enshrined in a small shrine. On that night, he knew that local people were suffering from a plague rampant in this area.
Seeing it, Daishi started a senza-goma ritual service from the following day, and at that time, he used the water in the pond on the right side at the back of the main hall as Akamizu. (Akamizu means water offered in front of Buddha.)
It is said that when local people drank the water, later on, the sick recovered from their illnesses instantly and returned to their bright life.
Today, all the water used in the precincts is drawn from this pond.
The present main hall was rebuilt between 1751 and 1763.
Enshrined at the left side of the Honzon is Bishamonten and at the right side Fudo, Sho Kannon, 25 bodhisattvas, Prince Shotoku, and many other Buddha statues.
Ema (votive horse tablets), the ink painting of the dragon depicted on the whole ceiling, Senju Kannon, etc. in the temple are well known, and precious cultural properties can be viewed.
*There are places such as the main hall that are not always open to the public.
Please contact us if you wish to visit. (Please note that it may not meet your request.)