Takasuna Green Space Park “Syorai-An”

The Takasuna Green Space Park “Syorai-An” is an authentic Japanese-style stroll garden that was known as the vacation home of Hara Yasusaburo, who was active in the business community during the Taisho Period of 1912-1926.
He was the chairman of pharmaceuticals maker Nippon Kayaku.
It has a pond, a hill, a stone bridge and plum tree grove, which create a beautiful landscape together with the pine grove that surrounds the garden.

A building in the garden called Syorai-An has a tearoom and a study connected by a walkway.
It allows visitors to experience authentic tea ceremonies, as the tearoom is a replica of the Yuin room of Kyoto’s Urasenke school of the Japanese tea ceremony.
The study also has a replica of a Shoufurou tearoom run by the Omotesenke School of the tea ceremony.
This is the best place in the city to see plum trees, which bloom from mid-February to early March.