Muraya Jinja Shrine

Muraya Jinja Shrine

This is the first shrine recognised by the Imperial Family for its auspicious nature as a matchmaking shrine. Honoring the divine marriage between Omononushi and Mihotsuhime (known respectively as the god of matrimony and the god of wifely diligence), the shrine is also known as an associate shrine to Oomiwa Shrine because it enshrines the princess of Oomiwa Shrine. It is said that praying at both sites in conjunction accrues great benefits to the devote.

In the forests of the temple grounds, Ichiigashi trees, a symbol of the town, grow in clusters. Overall, the trees within this laurel forest are extremely valuable from a botanical perspective, and so have been designated as a natural monument of the prefecture. In addition to annual events such as the Mita Festival, which prays for good harvests, and the Natsukoshi Oharae, which prays away the impurities accrued over the first half of each year, visitors can enjoy a "Kagura experience" wearing a shrine priestess's uniform.


● Train Access
Approximately 10 minutes (2.5 km) by taxi east of Tawaramoto Station on the Kintetsu-Kashihara line. The distance can also be covered on a convenient rental bicycle.
Approximately 30 minutes (2.5 km) on foot from Makimuku Station on the JR Sakurai line.
● Road Access
Approximately 20 minutes from the Nishi Meihan Expressway via Koriyama/Tenri/Horyuji IC
Approximately 1 hour from central Osaka

Facility information

Opening Hours
9:00-17:00 (shrine office)
423 Kurado, Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara
Available (in front of the Nino Torii gate, in front of the office, on the Hatsusegawa Observatory Park side)