Shiroishi Castle

This castle belonged to the Katakura Clan, chief retainers of the Sendai Domain, and it measures 18,000-koku (about 3,250 m³).
During the Genpei period, the Shiroishi clan took over the castle, followed by the Yashiro, Gamo, and Amakasu clans. In 1600, Date Masamune conquered the Shiroishi castle, and Katakura Kojuro Kagetsuna, who had distinguished himself in the war at that time, took over the fortress, leading to the Meiji Restoration.
The castle's front gate and three-story yagura tower underwent restorations in May 1995. And thanks to its all-wooden restoration work—one of the very few in the country—it has become a "Symbol of Shiroishi."