The Three Stelae of Kozuke Province (The Yamanoue Stela・The Tago Stela・The Kanaizawa Stela)

'The Three Stelae of Kozuke Province' refers to The Yamanoue Stela, The Tago Stela, and the Kanaizawa Stela, 3 stone monuments in southern Takasaki that were erected in the Asuka/Nara periods (550-794 CE).
The inscriptions on the 3 stelae contain a wealth of information on life 1,300 years ago, including local systems of governance, marriage records from powerful families, connections between clans, the spread of Buddhist philosophy, and much more.
The importance of this information makes these stelae precious historical records on the ancient Kanto provinces, which has resulted in each of them being designated as special historic relics.
They were also recognized by UNESCO as part of their 'Memory of the World Programme' due to their importance as a record of the reception and spread of East Asian culture.