Okiku-Inari jinja Shrine

This shrine became known as 'Okiku-Inari' back in the mid-Edo period.
Back then, there was a kind young girl called Okiku who was a devout follower of the shrine, and was beloved by the other children and parents of her village.
But then one day, she fell gravely ill, and even lost her home.
The parents of the other children built her a small shack at the shrine and took turns nursing her back to health.
3 years later, Okiku received a revelation from the god Inari, her illness was cured, and she was imbued with a mysterious strength.
Okiku became a shrine maiden who helped those in need, causing many pilgrims to come visit the shrine.
They would come to speak to her of their problems, and so it is said that over time, the shrine came to be known as Okiku-Inari.