Kyushu Olle Minamishimabara Course

The Kyushu Olle Minamishimabara Course takes you around the Hayasaki Peninsula, the southernmost tip of Minamishimabara City.
Kuchinotsu Port prospered 450 years ago when ships from around the world had arrived here, and later became known throughout the world as a base for Christian missionary work and a window to Western culture.
While walking through the old-fashioned harbor town, you will be delighted to see the Bongsan volcano, where a whirlpool was built in the Heian period (794-1185), the scenic spot of the "Maboroshi no nomuki no ipponmatsu," which was written by the famous poet Ujo Noguchi, and the two chalk lighthouses that stand guard over the sea.
In addition, a walk through the refreshing shade of the redwoods will surely soothe your body.