Temple where the tomb of HASEKURA Tsunenaga as the embassy of the Keicho Mission to Europe is located

Komyoji Temple was founded in 1283 by DATE Masayori, the fourth lord of the DATE family in Koori, Date (Fukushima Prefecture) as a family (Bodaiji) temple of Yuki-shi, the wife of DATE Tomomune, an ancestor of the DATE family.
After its founding, its location for more than 320 years is unknown, however it was moved to its current location in 1604.
The temple was burnt down in 1624 but was rebuilt magnificently by the first lord of the Sendai clan, DATE Masamune.
It burnt down again in 1880, and its current main hall was rebuilt in 1931.
On the northwest side of the main hall, there is the tomb of HASEKURA Tsunenaga, who was dispatched in 1613 by DATE Masamune to travel to Mexico and Europe as the embassy of the Keicho Mission to Europe, as well as the stone monument to the missionary Louis Sotelo, who served as a Tsunenaga's guide.