Mt. Ogusuyama

Mt. Ogusuyama has the highest peak (242 meters) of the Miura Peninsula.
There's a viewing platform up on the summit that offers a sweeping view of the Miura Peninsula, as well as a full 360-degree panorama showcasing the Izu Peninsula, Mt. Fuji, Hakone mountain range, Oshima Island, and the Boso Peninsula.
If it's a clear day outside you can catch a view of Tokyo Skytree off in the distance.
The Ogusudaira plateau at the bottom of the mountain turns into a rape blossom field during spring and a cosmos flower field in the fall.
There are 5 hiking paths to enjoy there, including Kinugasa, Tsukayama and Abekura, Ogusu Ashinaguchi, Maedabashi, and Shonan Kokusaimura.