Lake Shibire

Lake Shibire is a prominent place of scenic beauty in Yamanashi Prefecture and is a high-altitude lake with an elevation of 850m and a circumference of 1.2km.
In the old times, the dragon god was enshrined along with other lakes at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Yamanakako / Kawaguchiko / Saiko / Shojiko / Motosuko (the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji), and Senzui/Asumiko.
It was considered to be one of the sacred places of the Fuji Uchi-Hakkai.
In 1959, it was designated to be a Yamanashi Prefectural Natural Park and avoided too much popularization.
As a result, it has maintained its natural environment, and its lake water expresses various expressions of nature throughout the season.