Mt.Tsukuba Plum Garden

This plum grove is located halfway up (about 250 meters above sea level) Mt. Tsukuba and is one of the major attractions of the Mount Tsukuba Regional Geopark.
The 4.5-hectare plum grove on the slope has about 1,000 white and red plum trees.
From "Observation Azumaya" at the top of the mountain, you can see the entire plum grove below, the rural landscape at the foot of the mountain, the cityscape of the school town, and on a clear day, the skyscrapers of Tokyo and Mt. Fuji. The contrast between the plum blossoms and the giant gabbro rock -known as the Tsukuba stone - is also wonderful, creating a unique ambience.
Come here to check out Mt. Tsukuba Plum Blossom Festival, held every year from mid-February to late March every year in the plum grove.
The "Toad's Oil Peddling" is one of the many events that visitors can participate in when they visit Mt. Tsukuba.