Senjuji Temple

Nicknamed Takada-Honzan, the head temple of Shin Buddhism was founded by Shinran Shonin.
The Mikado, the fifth largest wooden structure of the National Treasures was officially designated in 2017.
The main hall, Nyoraido, with its wonderful carvings, and 11 other buildings of national importance are located within the grounds of the temple, which are the size of two Tokyo Domes(46,755 square metres×2).
Many national treasures and important cultural assets are displayed in the Treasure House.

Shinran Shonin was exiled to Echigo (Nigata prefecture today) during the suppression of the Nembutsu (Shin Buddhism).
Afterwards, he traveled around the Kanto region before returning to Kyoto.
His base in the Kanto region was the Honji Senshu-ji temple in Takada, Mooka City, Tochigi Prefecture.
The head temple was later moved to Ichimida-cho, Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.
Senshu-ji, is the oldest and largest temple of its kind in Japan.
In the summer, many lotus flowers are in bloom in the precinct.

Date of foundation: 1465