Torii Cedars of Kuwanokawa & Seto Falls

On the path to the Kuwanogawa Jishu Shrine, a pair of towering cedars connect five meters above the ground resembling a torii gate.
Natural Monuments of the prefecture, the trees are about 300 years old; the tree on the right is about 40 meters tall, and the one on the left is about 30 meters tall.
Some say that the strong connection between the two trees makes the place an ideal spot to pray for marriage.
Two kilometers further upstream from the Torii Cedars, you will find the Seto Falls—a waterfall that is about 15-meters high.
According to folklore, a giant snake has been dwelling there since ancient times. And that great snake is enshrined as a kami (deity) in the shrine at the start of the ascent.
People say that the region's abundance of water makes the place ideal to pray for rain.