The Iconic Yokocho of Hachinohe

There are eight yokocho, or alleyways, stretching across downtown Hachinohe.

【The eight yokocho】

• Miroku-Yokocho
• Tanuki-Koji
• Goban-Gai
• Hachinohe-Showa-Dori
• Harmonika Yokocho
• Nagayokocho Rensagai
• Rocho Rensagai
• Hanakoji

Hachinohe has long flourished as a port town, and eateries developed to entertain the fishermen returning to shore.
The yokocho date back to after the end of the Second World War.
A market for people returning from the war opened around what was originally a residential area, followed by a string of movie theaters, which led to the development of a food & dining district.
This led to the birth of the yokocho in the city center.
In 2002, the opening of the Tohoku Shinkansen line's Hachinohe Station led to the creation of Miroku-Yokocho, now iconic in Hachinohe.
Hachinohe's yokocho culture is familiar to residents, tourists, and business travelers, and on any given night, you can hear the laughter of people coming from these narrow alleys.

We recommend experiencing the authentic yokocho culture of Hachinohe with Hachinohe Sanpo Meister, a local tour guide group.

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