Secret Cave (Ryugukutsu) And Sand Ski Area

“Mysterious heart shape created by the earth”

The ceiling of a sea cave largely collapsed resulting in an opening of about 40 to 50 meters in diameter that resembles a skylight window in the Secret cave in Toji, Shimoda city.
The sea cave was created due to erosion caused by waves on the coastal cliffs, and the skylight window in the Secret cave is said to be one of the largest among those in Izu.
You can stand under the skylight if you go through the cave from its entrance along the road.
The inside of the cave is so quiet that only the sound of waves can be heard, and the sunlight piercing the skylight window creates a fantastic space.
Furthermore, there is a promenade around the cave, and there is an observation deck where you can see the inside of the cave from straight above it.
Because the shape of the overlooked cave from there looks like a heart shape, this tourist spot is popular for people on dates.

Natural sand ski slopes are created by strong winds

There are naturally created sand ski slopes located next to the Secret Cave.
The sandy mountain has a 30° inclined angle and a 100m width.
It is made of naturally stacked sand blown in by the wind over the years that also helps keep its size and incline almost constant.
You need a sled if you wish to slide down the sand ski slopes.
Please note that the use of cardboard as a sled is prohibited.
If you don’t have a sled on hand, you can rent one from a nearby inn.

Facility information

0558-22-1531 (Shimoda Tourist Association)
Toji, Shimoda, Shizuoka
approximately 20 cars ※ Free except summer time and Golden Week holidays