Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

Enthroned on a hill in Kasama Art Forest Park with a magnificent view, the Ceramic Art Museum holds court with dignity and style.
Centered on a theme that showcases both traditional crafts and modern ceramic art, it was opened in the year 2000 as a prefectural art museum welcoming anyone who wanted to stop by for a quick visit.
'To thrill,' 'to know,' and 'to delight in' are its watchwords.
Inside the museum you'll find a wide variety of exhibits and information, including exhibits on Ibaraki natives Itaya Hazan and Kōsei Matsui, the former awarded Japan's highest honor for artists, the Order of Culture, and the latter a Living National Treasure, as well as exhibits introducing you to the history of Kasama ware and introducing its techniques with easy to understand panels and videos, all of it extolling the charm of Kasama ware and ceramic art far and wide.