Shintaro Suzuki Museum

The Shintaro Suzuki Museum is the historic residence of the Japanese scholar Shintaro Suzuki (1895-1970), who studies French literature during the dawn of French literary studies.
It was restored and refurbished, opening in 2018. The complex is made up of 3 sections: the 1928 study section, the 1946 living room and hall section, and the tatami room section, which was made in the 1880s and transferred from the main Suzuki home in Kasukabe City, Saitama in 1948.
It was designated a tangible cultural property, the Historic Suzuki Family Residence, by Toshima-ku in 2012 as it is a historical building that holds high significance and rarity.
Shintaro was known for studying symbolist poets like Mallarme, and mid-century literary figures like Villon, as well as being a collector of rare books.
In the museum, there are several highly valuable books and documents related to French literature, as well as a gifted book from Junichiro Tanizaki, with whom he has correspondence.