Shiraoka Hachiman Jinja Shrine

It is said to have been built in 849 and features a white worship hall.
In addition to the Shiraoka Hachiman Shrine, there are several auxiliary and subordinate shrines (smaller shrines separate from the main shrine) within the precinct.
One of them is the Shiraoka Tenman Shrine, which is dedicated to the god of learning and is the second Yushima Tenjin branch of the deity.
In the vicinity, a winter-flowering plant, Christmas Rose, has been planted. People say that since the calyx (gaku in Japanese) does not fall off when it is past its prime, learning (gaku in Japanese) will not fail. They also say that since it is pentagonal (gokaku in Japanese), acceptance (gokaku in Japanese) can be expected and is a lucky flower for those who take exams.
In addition to good-luck charms/labels, a seal stamp is also available.