Kishiwada Castle

Although it is unclear who built it and when, during the Warring States period, it appears that this castle was the residence of the Matsuura clan who ruled the Senshu region during that time.
In 1597 (Keicho Year 2), it was outfitted as a fortress with a castle tower by Hidesama Koide, a retainer of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
After that, Nobukatsu Okabe took this castle by force in 1640 (Kan'ei Year 17), and for 230 years until the Meiji Restoration, it served as the base for the Okabe Clan's rule over the Senshu region The five-story castle tower was lost in a fire caused by lightning in 1827 (Bunsei Year 10).
Although it had not been rebuilt since then, thanks to the desires of the local residents, the castle tower was reconstructed in 1954 (Showa Year 29).