Yoshikawa: Mt. Myoken Hiking

【Myokenguchi station - Mt. Myoken summit】
 Approximate course distance and time required
 ① Odougoe Trail: 4.2 km / 95 minutes
 ② Shintakimichi Trail: 3.6 km / 80 minutes
 ③ Uesugione Trail: 4.3 km / 100 minutes
 ④ Hatsutanikeikoku Trail: 5.9 km / 120 minutes
 ⑤ Tendaisan Trail: 8.0 km / 190 minutes
 Publisher: Nose Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
 Issue date: January 2024

If you get off the train at Myoken-Guchi Station on the Nose Electric Railway (Myoken Line), there are three trails that lead to Mt. Myoken from the direction of the Kurokawa station ruins: The Odougoe Trail, the Shintakimichi Trail, and the Uesugione Trail.
The old Myoken shrine access paths have become hiking trails, and here you can enjoy elegant touches that add to the beautiful nature such as torii shrine gates and the remains of a charcoal kiln.
There are a total of five routes if you add the Hatsutani Trail and Tendaizan Trail.
The Tendaizan Trail offers variety as it goes through Dragonfly Pond and Mt. Aogai.
You can enjoy Edgeworthia bushes, flowers, and birds. An easy trail that goes around Dragonfly Pond has also become popular in recent years.

For details, please ask at the Tourist Information Center in front of Myoken-Guchi Station.
We also have hiking maps available.