Mountain Hiking: Mt. Tochi and Maria's Grave

The mountain trail starting from the Kishiro District is closed, so aim to reach the summit of Mt. Tochiyama from Takayama.
There are several trails going up the mountain, but the one that starts next to Sumiyoshi Shrine is the easiest to follow as long as you pay close attention at the beginning.
Mt. Tochiyama is 665m tall, and there's a difference in elevation of 210m from Sumiyoshi Shrine at the foot of the mountain.
It's a good idea to stop by Maria's grave on the way back.
There are four gravestones here engraved with the year names Genbun, Enkyo, and Kan'en (1740–1751) from the middle of the Edo Period.
After the shogunate banned Christianity there were two houses of believers here, but it's said most of them eventually converted, so these are presumed to be the graves of the Christian couples from those final two houses.
About 5.8km and two and a half hours if stopping by Maria's grave on the way back.

It's said that Christian believers in Takayama died out around this time.