A Large Waterwheel and a Majestic Ginkgo Tree Await

During the Heian period, one of the Rokkasen (Six Poetic Geniuses) and a symbol of beauty, Ono no Komachi.
In the Ono district, there are numerous legends about Komachi, such as the mountain pass she crossed and the five-storied pagoda said to be her tomb.

Komachi's Hall is used as a place for exchanging stories about the allure of the Komachi legends and for interaction between locals and visitors to Komachi's village.
The largest waterwheel in Ibaraki, measuring 7 meters in diameter, stands as a landmark.
Here, you can experience making soba noodles (reservation required) and obtain tourist information. Additionally, you can learn about the legends of Komachi at the exhibition corner and Komachi Gallery.