Numerous achievements made by Mushakoji Saneatsu

Mushakoji Saneatsu launched a magazine called “Shirakaba”.
As a main figure for its novelist group, he achieved great success in a variety of fields, including literature, art, thinking and theatrical plays from the Meiji era to the Showa era. Saneatsu spent 20 years of his later life in Chofu until he died at the age of 90.
After his death, a memorial park was opened at his place of residence to celebrate his accomplishments, and then, next to the park, a memorial hall was opened.
The Memorial Hall tries to introduce his numerous achievements using easier words as much as possible.
It displays currently owned materials to the public, so his works are exhibited in accordance with a theme on a monthly basis, and special exhibitions, as well as seminars, are held in spring and autumn.
The viewing room is totally open to the public.
In the park, there are a variety of blossoming trees, such as plums, cherries, Japanese wisterias, hydrangeas, camellias, as well as calamus and wildflowers.
These trees change to beautiful colors in autumn, so you can enjoy the different feelings of each season.
There is spring water in the upper pond, which serves as a water source, there are carp swimming in the lower pond, and many wild birds visit the park.
If you are lucky, you can also see yellow-gold hikarimo (Ochromonas vischeri) from June to August.