This long-established miso and soy sauce brewery, founded in 1790 and in business for over 230 years, has closely followed the history of Aizu.
Indeed, during the Boshin War, the brewery was even used as a field hospital for wounded soldiers.
The brewery continues to preserve the distinctive taste of its handmade products, fermented, and matured over a long period of time throughout the four seasons of Aizu.
Its miso and soy sauce are naturally brewed in wooden vats.

The importance of natural products has been highlighted during the recent Coronavirus crisis.
The brewery uses brown rice, said to be a "complete natural food", and is working on many new product initiatives to enhance natural immunity through "brown rice fermentation".
The brewery store sells miso, soy sauce, and malt.
It was built in the style of a merchant's house, features a storeroom from the Edo period (1603-1868) and displays antique items such as old brewing equipment.