【What is Tsukudani?】
Indulge in the flavor of soy sauce.
Tsukudani is a traditional Japanese preserved food which uses small fish, shellfish or seaweed cooked with soy sauce and a little bit of sugar. It is one of the ancient, non-perishable foods in Japan.
Tsukudani goes well as a side dish with rice, some famous examples are: Takikomi Gohan (Seasoned rice with various vegetables, fish and meat with soy sauce), Onigiri (rice balls,) Ochaduke (Soaked rice in hot tea), and many people enjoy it with liquor.
Recently, Tsukudani is used for various recipes such as short-neck clam Tsukudani pasta, and fried rice using whitebaits Tsukudani.
The History of Tsukudani

【Assorted Tsukudani in Funasa】
We deliver our ancestral taste.
We provide six kinds of Tsukudani throughout the year: sea kelp, burdock, short-neck clam, prawn, whitebait, and conger-eel. Additionally, we provide clasps as a seasonal flavor.
A set of Tsukudani includes five kinds: sea kelp, burdock, short-neck clam, prawn, and whitebait.
We add the sixth kind when clasps are in season.
We can also add conger-eel at an additional cost.
Additionally, we can arrange an assortment within your budget and at your request.
You can choose one of the following containers: Magemono, Orizume or the Plastic container.
We also sell each kind of Tsukudani from 50g (0.11 pound).
We only sell our products at Funasa, located at Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo.
Thankfully, we have many fans in Japan and from all over the world.
Please give it a try, as it is a one of a kind taste that has been protected for over 150 years.
We are looking forward to having you try our delicious Tsukudani.