Tomb of Hoshunin (front right)

Hoshunin, the birth mother of the lord of the Sendai Clan, DATE Masamune, is the daughter of MOGAMI Yoshimori, the lord of Yamagata Castle (Yamagata Prefecture), and the sister of MOGAMI Yoshiaki.
She married DATE Terumune who was the lord of Yonezawa Castle (Yamagata Prefecture) and had their first son Masamune (Bontenmaru) and their second son Kojiro (Sakumaru).
After the death of Terumune, she became a buddhist nun in her mourning and changed her name to Hoshunin.
Hoshunin paricularly loved her younger son Kojiro.
She attempted to poison Masamune in 1590 to support Kojiro but failed.
Masamune defeated Kojiro and then Hoshunin left for her parents' house in Yamagata.
Even after this incident, Masamune continued to have written correspondence with Hoshunin, and when her lands were confiscated due to the Mogami clan's succession conflict, Masamune welcomed her to Sendai.
In 1623, Masamune was informed of Hoshunin's death in Kyoto.

Memorial Tower to DATE Munekiyo (front left)

DATE Munekiyo is the third son of Masamune.
He was born from Masamune's concubine, Shinzonokata, under the childhood name of Gonpachiro.
After being born in Fushimi, Kyoto, he was given the land in Kurokawa (Miyagi Prefecture).
He died in 1634 at the age of 35.
He was buried at Tennoji Temple in Yoshioka, Taiwa, Miyagi Prefecture.