The Hemi Gate Guardhouses were two guardhouses built around 1930, and the nameplates indicating “Hemi Landing” to the left and “Naval Port Hemi Gate” to the right can still be seen.
They watched over the entrance to the waterfront where ships arrived at and departed from the Naval Station and Naval Arsenal. The guardhouses have copper-plated domed roofs with a cupola and awning that are reminiscent of baseball caps.

This site is a satellite spot for the Yokosuka Route Museum, a unique way to experience the entire city as a “museum” with “routes” that connects together the history, culture, and natural environment of Yokosuka.


1-1 Shioiri-cho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa (Within Verny Park)

046-822-8116 (Cultural Promotion Div., Yokosuka City)

【Opening hours】
Always Open

【Regular Holidays】
No Regular Holidays

Free of Charge

1 minutes walk from JR Yokosuka Station
5 minutes walk from Keikyu Shioiri Station

Verny Park Parking Lot, or there is a parking lot nearby



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