The Yonegahama Gun Battery was one of the gun batteries that formed the Tokyo Bay Fortress.
In order to defend the Yokosuka Naval Port, eight guns divided into two groups were stationed.
Today, it is a lush park full of nature and a popular photo spot for the open view of Tokyo Bay and Yokosuka, a monument praying for peace, and other local highlights.

This site is a satellite spot for the Yokosuka Route Museum, a unique way to experience the entire city as a “museum” with “routes” that connects together the history, culture, and natural environment of Yokosuka.


19 Fukadadai, Yokosuka, Kanagawa

046-822-9561 (Park Administration Div., Yokosuka City)

【Opening Hours】
Always Open

【Regular Holidays】
No regular holidays

Free of Charge

Take a bus from Yokosuka-chuo Station and walk 7 minutes from BUNKAKAIKAN-MAE bus stop or walk 15 minutes from the station.

There is a Culture Hall parking lot nearby



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