Shigeru Mizuki (1922~2015) was a Japanese manga author and historian, best known for his series “Gegege-no-Kitaro”.
As he had lived in Chofu-city Tokyo for a long time until his death, Chofu-city became his second hometown.
In the story, the main character “Kitaro” fights against bad specters (monsters).
He is a good specter who has a strong sense of justice.
“Kitaro” wanted to create a peaceful world where monsters and humans can coexist. This cartoon (TV, comic, film) was very popular for a long time in Japan.
The theme of this story is “coexistence with nature”, human beings and monsters, as well as birds, animals and all of the creatures that live on the earth.
“Kitaro cafe” Reproduce the world of “Kitaro”.
There is a sweets menu using the image of the cartoon story and Kitaro and the monster products are sold in the cafe.
Also, the atmosphere of this cafe is reminiscent of the culture of the Showa era; the era of Japanese history corresponding to the reign of the Shōwa Emperor, Hirohito, 1926~1989.

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