Yokosuka Travel Guide

Event 2021.07.14

Solve the mystery and find the treasure 〜 A Mystery Treasure Hunt Challenge from Sukarin, Hemiemon in Yokosuka 〜

Get your personal mystery kit and go on a mystery solving trip to Yokosuka!

In this event, you are the protagonist, and you need to solve the riddles in the city.


DateWednesday, July 21st to Sunday, August 29th, 2021
*Open to everyone
*Admission: free of charge
LocationThe central Yokosuka area and the Kannonzaki area
Contact usTourism Division, Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, Yokosuka City (weekdays 9am – 5pm) 
Tel: 046-822-8124

Yokosuka City Tourist Information Center 
(10am – 5pm daily during the event) 
Tel: 046-822-8301
Organizer / Co-organizerOrganizer: Yokosuka Action Committee for Attracting Visitors and Promoting Appeal
Partnership: the Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel

About the event

How to join and how to play

First get a mystery kit from any one of the four locations, and then follow the instructions to find the treasure and to successfully complete the keyword.

Mystery kit distribution locations

①the Thibaudier Residence ②the Yokosuka City Tourist Information Center ③the Yokosuka Museum of Art ④the Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel

How to apply

First, complete the riddle and get the keyword.Then, go to our website, enter the required information and enter the keyword to complete your application.You will then be selected by lottery to win a premium tour of Kaiyama Underground Vault.

Tour dates: September 20th (Mon), 23rd (Thu), and 26th (Sun) , once in the morning and once in the afternoon. (6 times in total)

★You can only apply once for each of the central Yokosuka area and the Kannonzaki area. 

However, if you complete both areas, your double your chance of winning.

<Application period> 17:00 on July 21st (Wed) to 17:00 on August 30th (Mon), 2021

Application form


Special Prize

12 groups will be invited to the “Kaiyama Underground Vault Premium Exploration Tour” to be held in late September. (Up to 5 people per group)

Mystery kits from the Nazo Store will be given to three runners up not selected for the “Kaiyama Underground Vault Premium Exploration Tour” 

Participation Prizes

Special Stickers by Sukarin, Hemiemon will be given to all participants in exchange for the keyword.

These stickers will be available at any of the following locations: the Thibaudier Residence, the Yokosuka City Tourist Information Center, the Yokosuka Museum of Art, and the Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel. 

Planning & Production